Dark Eternal

Release Version: v1.1.3 - Released on July 8th, 2020.


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Dark Eternal is the direct sequel to Dark Eternal: Dissolution and begins in the immediate aftermath of the 'Dissolution Pact'.

Separated and confused, Nahla is rescued by "Brian" and nursed back to health in Northern Nikotha. Mysteriously immune to the dark plague, 'Pesuto'; they begin a journey that will bring Nahla to the heart of her ruined homeland and to the brink of sanity.

Zenogias, now awakened to his true identity, makes a pact with Desala; Travel to the Heiken Seal and restore equilibrium, allowing for the separation of the realms.

Follow Zenogias and Nahla's separate journeys as they slowly become intertwined in a complex tapestry of illusion, lies and Betrayl.


-45+ hours of gameplay
-Custom built RGSS3 Engine running @ 60FPS
-Active-time Battle System
-Original storyline that features a unique sci-fi/fantasy/horror hybridization over 20 years in the making
-The Essence System, a unique magic system inspired by FF6's Espers and FF7's Materia
-The Ascension System, a limited transformation system inspired by Breath of Fire
-The Sanity System, a meaningful choice system that allows for near-infinite replayability
-7 difficulties and a NG+ mode that further extends replayability
-High quality MP3 Soundtrack
-55 unique levels
-560 unique enemies
-18 playable characters
-1,300 magik abilities and techniques
-and much more..