DE2: Developer Update 03/10/2013

Hey everyone,

Chapter 2 of DE2 is still under heavy development, but I can tell you that the last month has been very very productive. Chapter 2 now sits at about 75% completion, which is huge considering that it sat at about 35% only three months ago. I have one major story arc left to create for this chapter, but i'm not working on that quite yet. As of last weekend, I am now putting all of my time into implementing the Sanity system. This is a huge task that, admittedly, i have been putting off due to the ridiculous amount of work involved. My plan is to implement one major system into DE2 per chapter, with the essence system making it's debut in chapter 1, Sanity will debut in chapter 2. You can find out more detailed information about the sanity system here.

Sanity is making it's debut in chapter 2, but it is not only a part of chapter 2. Sanity will begin to play a factor early in chapter 1, and thus there is a large amount of content needed to drive decisions that will affect the sanity system as you progress through the game. My goals for this system are lofty, so I'm not going to half ass this implementation and risk making the system feel like a gimmick, or tacked on. I expect that sanity system implementation will take roughly three weeks, and then another three weeks to finish the final arc of chapter 2. Based off of these numbers, my new estimated date for internal beta testing will fall around April 30th. I hope for the internal beta testing period to last about one week, or two at tops. My goal is to have Chapter 2 released to the public in the month of May.

Stay tuned for more screenshots and blog updates as DE2: Chapter 2 development winds to an end.