Dark Eternal II now running on RGSS3

Hello all,

I'm happy to report that I have successfully upgraded Dark Eternal II's engine from RGSS1 to RGSS3. Surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult.. Just some minor scripting tweaks here and there. Given the extreme amount of custom systems in DE2, I would call it a minor miracle to pull this off so easily. It speaks highly of Justin's code, and I'd like to thank him again for all of his hard work on the project!

Here is a brief overview on what this paradigm shift means.

-Dark Eternal II will now run at 60fps, up from 40fps.
-Overall performance increased dramatically ( no more video stutter or slowdown, especially in the larger areas)
-Huge improvement to Font Rendering
-Better Fullscreen support
-Much more stabile (Should no longer see the random crashes ~ALA RGSS Player has Stopped Working)

In addition, RGSS3 leaves open the possibility of upgrading the resolution beyond 640x480. I would like to upgrade to at least 1024x768 at some point, but i'm not going to make any promises yet. I will have to test and see how the new resolution would work with the graphical resources I have available. I would not expect increased resolution for Chapter 2, but it is a possibility.

All of these performance increases do come at a slight cost. The minimum requirements to play the game will be increased slightly from the RGSS1 version of DE2- Chapter 1. The biggest difference will be in required memory. I will be reccomending 1gb at a minimum (up from 512mb) previously, but there will also be a slightly increased CPU requirement.

Given that 8gb is standard for memory at this point, I hope nobody will be raising pitchforks about this. ;)

Back to work, look for Chapter 2 in the coming months!