DE2 Development: Graphics Overhaul & Sanity Progress

Hello all, just wanted to provide a quick update on the status of development.

Over the last month, I have been primarily working on three things. Sanity System implementation, new splash screen graphics and new icon graphics. Here is a quick breakdown on progress...

-Sanity System Implementation-

Fully integrated sanity system with RGSS3.
Completed environmental effects for sanity system.
Completed Sanity tutorial.
Completed all "Sanity Cause" events planned for v0.4 launch.
Completed all Sanity-dependent chests/rewards planned for v0.4 launch.

-Sanity System remaining work for v0.4 launch-

Sanity-specific interactions with NPCs in Tsunaba
Assorted secret areas limited by sanity level
Secret Boss for chapter 2 only available @ specific sanity levels

Due to the limited exposure to the sanity system in chapter 1 & 2 (Part 3 of Chapter 1, Part 2 of Chapter 2) the following work is not needed until future release (v0.6 and beyond)

"Game Over" events for extreme sanity positions (-175 thru -200 or 175 thru 200)

-New Splash Screen Graphics-

All game-load splash screens have been remade. (Zenosoft splash, pre-title splash, title splash)
Save/Load splash has been remade.
All chapter splash screens have been remade. (Chapter 1 splash, Chapter 2 splash, etc.)
All intro splash screens have been remade. (Zenosoft presents, A game by Danial Noll, Chapter II of II, DEII end-of-intro splash)
Created a set of splash screens for Sanity Tutorial
Created a set of splash screens for use in Sanity Environmental Behavior

-New Icons-

Most inventory items have new icons.
All abilities except Limit Breaks (Techniques, Magik, Essence Strike) have new icons.
All essences have new icons.
All characters have new face icons for the new Save / Load screen


So there you have it. The last 30 days for me have been mostly sanity system implementation, but I have also put in a huge amount of time making new art assets for the game as well. Instead of seeing the same generic icons used over and over, you will now have a unique icon for nearly every unique ability in the game. Splash screens will look much better, and offer more continuity with a slightly more modern appearance. The next month will be just as busy, and I'm looking forward to releasing v0.4 (Chapter 2) by the end of this summer.